Little moments captured in Bali

Happy New Year 2021!

I wrap up here, my first post, written on the last day of year 2020.

Here, I share some of the moments captured in Bali while I was there in August 2019. We arrived in the evening and checked into our accommodation, then right after, we decided to explore on foot.

One of the attractions we came across was this cool balibeercycle! Drink on the go while being driven around…

Lovely blue skies the next morning…

Dog going on a ride on a bicycle…

Came across this absolute beauty…

View of Tanah Lot Temple…

Tanah Lot Temple in the background…

Dinner on the last night of our stay in Bali…

So, we enjoyed our holiday in Bali, and while we were there, we were already discussing about our next vacation, and that we should ensure that the other childhood friend of ours will be able to join us then, as she could not make this trip. My friend remarked “I wish we had started going for holidays much earlier”. I had totally agreed with her.

Seeing how year 2020 turned out and in addition to travel restrictions being placed, we are glad we were both able to make this trip in 2019.

Best wishes for a better 2021!

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