Destination – Tadapani

DAY 3 (continued from previous post)

So, we had breakfast at our accommodation, Ghorepani Hill Top, after returning from Poon Hill. I had mixed feelings about leaving Ghorepani, as that means we will not be going up Poon Hill for another round of that stunning view of the mountain range. We packed up and were set to head down. Our stay for the night will be at Tadapani. Our return journey heading down we were told would come across as somewhat more challenging, compared to our journey up to Ghorepani. Also there will be lots of up and down, up and down treks, and its going to be testing our legs further…more physical challenges coming up…So the journey continues.

We came across many trekkers along the way, families and children too. We also walked through open fields, and also came across some spectacular views, along the way. It was like the mountain range was following us every step of the way 🙂 During the treks, I was so mesmerized by the surroundings, and whatever we came across that everything was “oh wow…oh wow…” 🙂 that I never took many photos.

Here are some of the views captured.

So, we continued trekking, while also stopping for very short breaks. There was one trek that I found very challenging for me. It was very hilly, winding upwards, and felt a cold wind throughout, and I thought to myself, that this must have been the trek that our guide had referred to earlier in the morning to be challenging. My friend kept calling out to me…Jaya, keep moving…I told her I am…so I did some Salsa dance moves 🙂 nah…I’m just kidding… lol. Instead I just stood rooted in one spot for a couple of minutes, taking a little longer break before continuing the trek up…lol…this happened for a couple of times…lol… This was so funny. Whenever we both look back at these moments we totally laugh our head off. Mel is a friend I would travel with again anytime…hope she feels the same way with me too…lol 😉

We felt some heavy fog as we continued up the hilly slopes just before coming towards the end of that trek. At the end of that winding trek, we arrived to somewhat of a flat ground, and after awhile we were pleasantly surprised to have ended up in this forest, as depicted below. I felt like I was transported to an enchanted forest in some fairytale…lol. I totally enjoyed and loved the journey I was going through.

The restaurant we were at for lunch was a little bigger, compared to the places we ate at on our way up to Ghorepani. They had noodles, Dal Bhat, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, bottled drinks etc.

So after lunch, we were back on our trek, with more energy after indulging during lunch…lol. Finally at about 5.00pm we arrived at Tadapani.

We were thrilled to take in this view (pic below) of the range and Mount Machapuchare (also known as Fish Tail, due to its two pointy peaks) up close, when we arrived at Tadapani Guest House, our accommodation for the night. We were even more thrilled when we found out that our room was located about 3 meters away from where this pic was taken. Blessed!

If you have read my previous post titled Destination – Poon Hill, there were pics of sun rise taken from Poon Hill. You would have noticed Mount Machapuchare in those pics.

Our room was equipped with two single beds, but there was no bathroom in it. We discovered that we had to use a shared bathroom that was located about 8 meters away from our room. The dining room was bigger, but not as big as the dining room in Ghorepani Hill Top. It was located like about 5 meters away from our room. That’s convenience. Everything was close by. Even that spectacular view of the mountains…what more could we ask for!

We could order whatever we wanted for dinner from the menu. We placed our order, they have it cooked, and is served hot. Their food was good and we enjoyed it. We enjoyed the heated dining room too.

Well this is the end of Day 3. Day 4 will be in my next post.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a pleasant day and week ahead. For others have a great weekend ahead.

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