DAY 4 – continued from previous post.

We are in Tadapani, and its the morning of day 4 of our trek. The night before we had decided to sleep in our sleeping bags, on our beds as it was so cold. So I was snuggled in, and I suddenly kept feeling a continuous tap on my leg. I thought I was dreaming. I eventually opened my eyes to see Mel and she said, she had been trying to wake me up for sometime 🙂 🙂 She said, get up, the sun is coming up. I thanked Mel for waking me up. After awhile she was already out of the room. We had agreed the night before that we would wake up to see the sunrise this morning. I quickly got out of my sleeping bag and dashed out of the room, with my phone.

We did not have to walk far to bask in the stunning view as it was visible from just a few steps away from our room. Mel was already clicking away taking pictures. So captivated was I of the view that I too could not stop taking pictures of it. The view of the mountain range kept getting more mesmerizing as the morning went by.

Here are some of the stunning views of Annapurna range with Machapuchare totally visible from our “front yard” 🙂 Mesmerized!

I would have loved to have packed up these views and brought it back home with me to my front yard and to wake up to it every morning! 🙂

So after breakfast at the dining hall, we returned to our room, packed up and were ready to set off down the trek. Our stay for the night was Ghandruk, Syaulibazar.

So, we finally arrived at our accommodation at Riverside Guest House, Ghandruk, Syaulibazar. The first thing I did was sit, then removed my shoes lol. I will not deny it, it felt great to sit hahaha, and we each had a cold bottled drink. Felt so good.

Our room was equipped with two single beds. We had to use the common bathroom that was situated not very far from our room.


Before breakfast we walked to the river situated close by to the guest house. There was a lovely flow of water in the river. Clean, clear and cold. Walked into the river just to get legs wet and feel the coldness of the water. After awhile, we then headed back and to the dining for a nice hearty breakfast.

After breakfast we were set to head back to Birethanti, our 5-day trek coming to an end. As we continue to trek down we came across some spectacular views as seen here.

So, we had walked by these homes from the direction of where that vehicle in the above pic is coming from.

Appreciate both our guide/porter’s assistance in guiding us throughout the entire trek. There was an incident, that I had forgotten to mention in one of my earlier post, when our guide came to my assistance. During one of our trek, suddenly out of nowhere, a herd of horses decided to join us on our trek. They were moving so fast, I could hear the sound of the movement of hoofs and I was totally in their way. I hardly had enough space for myself, as it was quite narrow where we were at, at that point of time. I had to get out of their way, to let them pass. The horses were so close to me, as they passed me, that our guide came and stood between me and the horses. I don’t deny, it was quite frightening for a bit.

I totally loved the journey, and enjoyed the 5-day trek as did Mel. I somehow feel a sense of sadness creeping in as I finish writing this, as this journey comes to an end. I felt I was reliving it as I was writing it.

From Birethanti, we continued on foot to Nayapul, and returned by car to Pokhara.

The 5-day trek ends with this post. Thank you for reading my post. Have a great week ahead all 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tadapani-Ghandruk-Birethanti”

  1. I feel you, Jaya. Reading your post puts a smile on my face and with heavyhearted, I came to the end. I absolutely love this trip. More trekking to come 😊
    Thank you for the amazing moments and sweet memories!

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  2. Great adventure. I know what you mean when you talk about the sadness of ending the post. Writing takes you down memory lane. Keep going Jaya. Relive your holidays through writing. Once the world opens up you can go on new ones and write about them too!

    Liked by 1 person

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