Da Nang, Vietnam

A couple of years back, Vietnam beckoned me again. This time the attraction was the Golden Bridge. There were some public holidays coming up then, so I had decided to take a few days off and headed to Da Nang.

Having arrived at my accommodation in Da Nang, I took in this view of the bay.

The following morning I spent about an hour on the road to head to the cable car station, for a cable car ride up to Ba Na Hills.

There are many attractions up on this hill station. Amongst them, the ever popular Golden Bridge…my sole purpose there. After minutes on the bridge, came the rain and fog. I moved around the hill station wearing my poncho – rain coat that I had brought along with me.

One of the other attractions there, is the beautiful Flower Garden, a garden filled with colourful flowers that seemed to go on, and on, forever and ever. All one would see is a sea of colours springing out from the ground.

Then, there is the enormous statue of Buddha in a seated position, looking spectacular; a French Village with a beautiful old church; Debay Wine Cellar, where they serve wine for those who fancy a glass. Not forgetting the Wax Museum and Fantasy Park where there are varieties of games for kids and adults to participate in, for a fee. Lunch was at Arapang Restaurant where a buffet spread was served. Though there are other cafes and restaurants around at this hill station, many local and foreign tourists favoured this restaurant.

While in Vietnam I had also wanted to visit a quaint attraction situated outside Da Nang. Hoi An is about 45 minutes away by car from Da Nang city. A touristy spot, thronged by both local and foreign tourists. On arriving in Hoi An, one can move around by foot or take a ride on a rickshaw. One of the attractions here is the canal, where you could take a “sampan” ride for a fee, that some tourists do, at sunset. The streets in this quaint town is lined with many shops that are in the business of selling clothing, bags, shoes, sandals, canvas paintings, souvenirs etc. Many of the restaurants, cafes and bars which are popular with tourists, are situated facing the canal.

Back in Da Nang, below are some pics of Han River.

My stay in Da Nang ended by visiting the city, and I was satisfied with my visit to Ba Na Hills and Hoi An.

Thank you for visiting my page and have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Da Nang, Vietnam”

  1. Beautiful places. Love the pictures. Ohhhh……can’t wait to travel again! I always look forward to your adventures. Keep it coming! 😊

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  2. The Golden Bridge in Danang is so unique- didn’t know about it until I read your blog. Is Danang less hectic than Hoi An? Seems like a lovely getaway.

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