A September to Remember!

It was an unusual month for me. On the morning of September 1st, I felt fatigued but yet I did a morning walk as I felt I needed to get that walk in that morning. Later that day I felt some signs of flu setting in. So, over the next few days, I had stuffy nose, body ache, phlegm, loss of voice, fever and my head felt heavy as well. All I wanted to do was just sleep, and I did.

I am a member of a dance group that performs bhangra, Bollywood numbers etc. at events like wedding receptions, etc. So, we had an upcoming event to perform at, out of Kuala Lumpur (KL) in September. Before an event we always have rehearsals.

I missed a rehearsal or two, as I just could not find the energy for it. But when I felt I was feeling better, I went for it. At rehearsals I put in all the effort I had into it. My dance mates however kept asking me if I was alright, to which I said I was fine. I walked closer to the huge mirror in the studio and realized that the look on my face appeared otherwise; I looked fatigued. They were concerned. Eventually I felt exhausted as we continued with rehearsal.

After a few days break from rehearsals, it was time to hit the road to head out of the city for the event. All went great.

The day after we returned to KL, I fell ill again. I thought to myself, no, not again! I had loss of voice again, it was husky, and it sounded sexy. Lol! I felt fatigue again, it was painful to swallow, and I had tonsillitis and the fever was back. My phlegm for a couple of mornings were slightly reddish. Both my eyes became reddish and watery (around three days later the redness eventually disappeared).

After about three weeks, I started going for walks, but not as frequent as I used to. I felt energized, but I could feel that I was still in the midst of recovering. I still have phlegm lingering in my throat. Hope you are not visualizing it. lol!

Sometime early October I developed some skin irritation, that caused an itch at times. (It can be embarrassing when in public. LOL). So, recently a friend of mine suggested that I take an antihistamine tablet which she said might help. Hmm…. I did and it did give me some relieve. I also noticed that my energy level is on a yo-yo mode (up and down). However, all is good and I’m recovering well.

Well, I’ve asked myself if I had contracted covid, sometime in late August or in early September. A friend of mine said that I definitely had. I was also a topic of conversation amongst some of her family members (Lol) whom I know and have met before.

Hmm… perhaps I should consider a bottle of Yomeishu to boost my energy! 🙂

On a different note, in September as well, my cousin (Kala) and her husband (Nesa) had embarked on an adventure. From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia they flew into Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to ‘pick up’ their boat, a catamaran. Their return to Malaysia from Ho Chi Minh was via the great South China Sea on their new catamaran. They had a Vietnamese Skipper, Quoc on board.

The Sailors – Kala & Nesa on their catamaran
Vietnamese Skipper – Quoc in the midst of hoisting the Vietnamese & Malaysian flags on board
The route from Ho Chi Minh to Malaysia

It was definitely not an easy journey back. Their entire trip was filled with various challenges which they had overcome.

Congratulations to Kala and Nesa on their first amazing voyage. It’s definitely awe-inspiring!

I hope I will get an opportunity to join them in their next amazing adventure. I am sure an extra hand will always be welcomed! 🙂

Thank you for your time readers!

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