My vacation with my childhood friend from kindie.

I have vacationed in Bali multiple times with different groups of friends. Multiple times, because it’s the closest to home, for a quick and short, beach getaway. I enjoyed each and every trip made.

Last year, I wanted to go on a vacation with one of my childhood friends. We have been friends since we were in kindergarten together. We had never ever been on one together. After asking her multiple times, she finally agreed. I could not believe that she was game for a trip. I was totally overjoyed, as was she. All the vacations she had been to, were with her family.

We discussed destinations where we could go to, and, Hooray!!! Bali, here we come. It would be her first trip to Bali. We were both looking forward to this trip.

When in Bali, she had shared with me, that back home she had already decided that she was going to agree to go on a vacation, if, in the event, I had asked her again. Boy! was I glad I had not given up asking my dear friend….LOL. Childhood friends are hard to come by, because many, after some years will start moving on and away for many reasons. And we are so glad that we had continued to keep in touch with each other, and continue to do so.

Our vacation took place in August 2019, and it started even before we boarded our flight! We had loads of laughter, doing the silliest things and getting excited about anything and everything, because, after all, we were just two girls going on a holiday!

This is us, having arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, Indonesia.