KLSCM 2021 Virtual Run

Due to circumstances (with Covid19 lingering) this year, again, marathons / running events were not organised. During pre Covid19, thousands of runners would participate in this international event in Kuala Lumpur i.e. the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon.

I missed out on the Virtual Run, KLSCM organised last year, but I made sure I did not miss out this year. Race days were 20 – 28 November 2021 for the Full, Half Marathons, 10km and 5km runs.

Meanwhile, I had only been doing my own runs and walks in the mornings, and I had never even run 6km those mornings. It had always been around 5km or less.

A few of our friends had already completed the KLSCM virtual run by participating in the half marathon, 10km or 5km run on 20 November. Mel and I who had registered for the 10km, had decided to run on 27 November.

So, on 27th morning, we met up at our meeting point. A couple of our friends who had already completed their run on 20th, had also joined us that morning to keep us company during our run. That was really sweet of them. Thanks Charmain and ET. So, after some chit chat and catch up that morning, we turned on our app on our devices to record our run and other stats, in order to upload it to the KLSCM Virtual Run, site later. We were then all set, and started our 10km run.

For me, it seemed like I was actually running in an organized event like we used to participate in, pre Covid19. My goal was to do my best, and I am always competing with myself. Trying to improve my timing. We had pleasant weather, and it was not sunny that morning. We ran through residential areas and near the main roads. Being a Saturday, there weren’t many vehicles on the roads. We came across many other runners too. My friends had also recognised a few other runners who were also past KLSCM participants. One gentleman was around 70 years old. Respects to him.

To side track a little, lockdown last year was effective 18 March. During that year at some point, when movement restrictions were lifted for certain activities that were allowed to be carried out, many people, in order to get some form of exercise (as gyms were not allowed to operate then), were happy to be out and about, either running, walking, cycling or doing others forms of physical activities outdoors, whilst still continuing to practice physical distancing and the other SOPs that were in place. It was also an opportunity to get out and get that lovely whiff of nature! It’s priceless, especially for those who live in flats, apartments or condos where during lockdown last year, the property management had also imposed strict measures on movement within the property. So, at that point of time many had resorted to exercising indoors within their own homes. Lifestyle changes, brought about by Covid19!

Coming back to the 27th morning, the day of our 10km run, all of us completed it and we all felt good about it. I was happy with my finishing time, but there’s definitely room for improvement. The morning ended with a ‘reward’, which was a good hearty breakfast.

What we always enjoyed after we complete any marathons or runs on race days, was what came next…Breakfast 🙂

Photos courtesy of ET.

And the ‘finish line’ is getting closer!
Done and all set to go for breakfast!

Happy December all!