a rava or a masala… :)

A few days ago, I had headed to a food stall, that I had not visited in months. Unfortunately when I arrived, the food stall vendor was in the midst of packing up to leave, as she was done for the morning. She had completed selling everything she had brought that morning. In the midst of our conversation, she mentioned that her sister had begun operating a food stall close by, where she makes “dosai” also known as “dosa” and another dish, “roti canai”. These dishes are amongst the many varieties of dishes that are available here, and that is usually eaten for breakfast. Well, since it had been a really long time since I ate a “dosai” or “roti canai”, I had decided to head over to her stall.

On arriving at her stall, and after exchanging pleasantries, I proceeded to look at the list of items on her menu. In my mind I had visualised an image of a “rava dosai”, and knew that, that was what I wanted. However, when I placed my order, I ordered a “masala dosai” (I had not “realised” this, at that point of time).

I then saw her scoop a ladle full of batter (flour mixture) from a pot, and spread the entire content from the ladle onto the huge, flat pan which was on the stove. A few minutes later, I saw her adding some masala mixture that had already been cooked, onto the batter that was getting cooked on the pan . That masala mixture is the stuffing for the “dosai” and comprised of small pieces of chopped potatoes, chicken, chickpeas and onion. Only then, did I realise, that I had placed the wrong order. I got played by my brain…lol!!!

My “masala dosai” was a takeaway or some may refer to it as a takeout. So, to curb the spread of covid19, our country is presently placed under the Movement Control Order (MCO) which is sort of similar to a lockdown, and due to this, restaurants, cafes, bars are not open for dine-in. However, takeaway/takeout is allowed.

Later that morning I was thinking…”why did I get my order wrong?” I then remembered that, at that point of time, at the food stall, whilst I was visualising an image of a “rava dosai”, I was simultaneously telling myself, that I did not want a “masala dosai”. But when it came time to place my order, my brain tricked me…hmmm…lol. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my “masala dosai” that morning, with a hot cup of coffee.

Some may not know what a “masala dosai” is. Here are some pics.

Well that’s my story, and when I think about it, the corners of my mouth turns upwards forming a smile.

Have a great week ahead all.